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About Me! Who Am I?
Hi, I’m Judith Cobb, founder of Confident Nutritionist: Dynamic Iridology. I’ve been a nutritionist/herbalist since 1980.

I love coaching people to better health, but in the early days of my practice I nearly burned out by giving away too much of my time for free and overwhelming my clients with too much information/homework all at once.

You see, what I’ve learned is that giving our clients too much information in any session, let alone the FIRST one or two sessions, scares them off and makes them feel like a failure ... and they don’t come back. 

Our clients don’t get the results they were hoping for.  The appointment book doesn’t fill up and the bills pile up.

No one taught me how to create programs right in my client sessions - and that nearly did me in! It nearly pushed me to ‘get a real job’. Now I take great joy in teaching nutritionists  how to keep their clients wanting to come back and the appointment book full.

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